A virtual tour of the "camp des rouëts"

© Domino Studio, Le camp des Rouëts, reconstitution virtuelle sur iPad

A medieval adventure, where real and virtual worlds collide

The Camp des Rouëts is easy to find at the edge of the forest, and it’s as intriguing as it is enjoyable. Its wide avenues and wooded embankments are in fact the remains of a 10th century feudal motte-and-bailey. In a world of make-believe and with a little help from digital imaging techniques, fortifications and palisades appear amongst the trees.

Back to the roots of history

The walk starts well: sunbeams play amongst the foliage and the paths wind their way gently along. In such a peaceful setting, it’s difficult to imagine that you’re on a castle motte, the forerunner of the fortified castle. Here, a tower rose out of the mound of earth; this was the residence of the overlord. The building was defended by ditches and palisades. Surrounded by an impressive moat was a courtyard peopled by the craftsmen needed to maintain the day-to-day running of a castle that was basically self-sufficient.  Close by, a manor house still serves as a reminder of the priory that used to stand here.

Better than a video game!


To bring the camp back to life, you’ll be given free use of a digital tablet - the magic wand of our times! Enhanced virtuality lets you get right inside the feudal world. What were just a quiet bank and some hillocks takes on a totally new aspect. Keeps, palisades and workshops spring up out of the earthworks. Your day out in the countryside turns into a trip through history. In 3D, you travel back through time to the Middle Ages, when the first villages were being built. 

Discoveries that blend leisure with culture


Today’s technology is ideal for rolling back the years and seeing how people used to live! It adds a new dimension to historical sites. Enhanced virtuality is in place at the Camp des Rouëts and also at other tourist attractions around Brocéliande. It teaches you how to fashion the standing stones at Pierres Droites, rebuilds the towers of the Château of Josselin, takes Ploërmel back into the 13th century and reconstructs the Château of Comper and the Priory of the Madeleine at Malestroit.

The app is available from Apple Store: Destination Brocéliande in 3D




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