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Cruguel Breton charm

A peaceful commune located just a stone’s throw from the medieval town of Josselin, Cruguel is committed to preserving, restoring and protecting its local heritage in order to preserve the traces of its past. Between architecture and typical landscape, set off on a surprising discovery.

The charm of Breton architecture

Classified as a “Commune du Patrimoine Rural de Bretagne” since 2007, this village has preserved its ancient habitat with a few 17th-century houses, mainly around the village square where an astonishing fountain-washtub has taken its place in its center. A stone’s throw from the village, the St-Yves chapel and its multi-century yew tree stand proudly. Classified as a remarkable tree, it protects the chapel. The commune is also very active in restoring its built heritage, and in 2023, for example, gave a new lease of life to the bread oven.

A preserved landscape heritage

Situated on the relief of the Lanvaux moors, the commune of Cruguel has preserved a network of sunken lanes, well showcased through the Picouras hiking trail. This 7km-long trail follows the valley of the Chenaie stream, which has retained its natural character. The hedgerows, with their variety of tree species and remarkable palette of colors, are also a magnificent playground for the flora and fauna that thrive here. No doubt you’ll come across the flamboyant fur of a squirrel or hear the drumming of the picoura (the Gallo name for the green woodpecker). The magnificent Timbrieux windmill also makes a striking appearance across the moors.

A commune labellisée

Logo Communes Du Patrimoine De Bretagne

Cruguel is a Commune du Patrimoine Rural de Bretagne and as such is committed to protecting and enhancing its architectural and landscape heritage. This label, governed by a quality charter, commits communes to safeguarding, restoring, animating and promoting the village’s rich heritage. Some forty communes in Brittany currently hold the label. A brochure allows you to discover the village of Cruguel through a heritage walk enabling you to discover some remarkable residences as well as local legends and characters.

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