Vélo Bike tour sur la voie verte le long du lacr la voie verte le long du lacVélo Bike tour sur la voie verte le long du lac par E. Berthier
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Brocéliande Bike Tour

Brocéliande Bike Tour

Discover the destination by renting an electrically assisted bicycle at one of the stations in the Brocéliande Bike Tour network

Don’t hold back your desire for freedom anymore!

With a quick pedal stroke, scroll through the landscape and venture into Destination Broceliande by stepping over the electrically assisted bikes available at the rental points of the Broceliande Bike Tour network (see map at the bottom of the page).

In order to optimize your comfort and make this activity accessible to as many people as possible, various accessories are made available to you for free (map holder, storage bag, basket, child/adult helmet, safety vest) or with additional (follower bike, seat and trailer for children). In addition to the VTC type bikes, cyclists looking for thrills will be able to take advantage of the electric mountain bikes to discover Destination Broceliande in a more sporty way.

Particularly adapted to rental, the VTCs are equipped with an anti-skid system and reinforced tires against seams. They feature 3 levels of electric assistance and a range of 70 km (variable depending on the difference in altitude of the route, the level of assistance selected, the weather conditions, the load…).


Bonus: dedicated pocket tours

Come, approach and explore… Off the beaten path, you’ll just have to walk around on tours designed especially for you. You will be able to pick up the descriptive sheets of the rides when you rent the EAB (see list of routes in the “EAB ride suggestions” section).

“Icing on the cake”, the rental teams will be happy to give you some good plans in terms of restauration, “coup de coeur” activities or even leisure for the kids… Escape guaranteed!

Rates and rental points

The VAE ride packages

Told walk “discovery of Broceliande by VAE”

Ride planned every Tuesday during the Easter vacations, every Tuesday and Thursday from July 1 to August 31 and during the All Saints’ Day vacations, from 10am to 1pm (to be confirmed when booking).

Think about booking in advance (19 spaces maximum).

Rates: €35 per adult and €28 for those under 18. Free for children under 4 years old.
For children in tow, follower or child seat: 10€.

Further information at 02 99 07 84 23 or online.


Connected Stroll

A complimentary apple juice or glass of cider is offered upon return from the ride!

Contact: infos@broceliande.bike, 06 45 41 59 88 & website.


Practical information

A deposit of 400 euros is required for each bike rented (by check or credit card).

The VAE are available at the station located in Paimpont: 06 45 41 59 88.

The equipment available as well as the rental periods may vary depending on the station (more information by clicking on the points on the map below)

Bikes are available for rental from April through October. For a reservation request outside of this period as well as for any additional information, do not hesitate to contact Brocéliande Bike at 06 45 41 59 88.

Cycling in Destination Brocéliande

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