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La Gacilly The art of taking your time

La Gacilly

La Gacilly, we could spend hours there that it would always have surprises for us. It is also the ideal place to daydream in front of the beautiful stone houses, passing through small alleys that lead the visitor to the edge of the Aff, perfect place to bask.

Art in abundance

La Gacilly is a natural beauty adorned with shale, gorse and water. One wanders through the alleys, stopping, intrigued by the work being created in the hands of one of the art artisans of the village. They work with wax, earth, wood, glass or flowers to offer the curious and the passionate, the pleasure of the senses. Continuing our walk, at the bend of a path, an unlikely and colorful discovery … Dozens of trees have put on their winter clothes. Tricoti Tricota ! The knitters of La Gacilly have passed by.

Man and nature

Yves rocher, a man before being a brand from which the village owes its international fame. A lover of plants, well-being and even more so of his native village, Yves Rocher is an extraordinary destiny from which La Gacilly benefits thanks to the infrastructures developed by the brand. L’Eco Hôtel Spa La Grée des Landes for the intrepid who need a break, the botanical garden for the nature lovers or the Maison Yves Rocher for the knowledge thirsty. You just have to be able to make a choice … or not!

Evasion guaranteed

La Gacilly is an art lover, so it’s no coincidence that the La Gacilly Photo Festival, France’s largest open-air photography festival, takes place there. Its singular scenography invites the visitor to change his perception of things and offers the sensation of a dive into the images. This event, which lasts from July to October, is an invitation to escape. Its theme changes from year to year to the delight of the inhabitants of a day or always.

A heritage to discover

From these stone houses, to the cobbled streets, through the small alleys, La Gacilly reveals all its treasures of History. And for the more curious, the association La Gacilly Patrimoine accompanies you on this journey through time during its guided tours.

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