Poète ferrailleur Vue D'ensemble des œuvres de Robert CoudrayPoète ferrailleur Vue D'ensemble des œuvres de Robert Coudray
©Sebastien LAURENT
L’univers du Poète Ferrailleur An enchanted walk

L’univers du Poète Ferrailleur

The Scrapper Poet’s World is an enchanting place, a place where dozens of offbeat and ingenious objects come to life, rustle and dance. It’s a place where you find your childlike soul and where you look around with eyes that sparkle with mischief.

The Man

Behind this slightly crazy work is Robert Coudray, creator in wandering reverie and maker of history. He describes himself as a graduate of the high schools buissonnières, yet, whatever he says, his creations are indeed the result of a learned mind, ingenious and a bit zany.

The art of recovery

The fairy of the dumps has a lot of work with our poet who, constantly reinvents his universe. An overflowing creativity that allows him to create animated sculptures, useless machines or unusual devices with a piece of wood, metal and glass.

Between small houses inhabited by teasing spirits, unusual gardens and cathedrals made of odds and ends, it will take the curious about 2 hours to stroll through this “village” between imagination and reality. To wonder if all the inhabitants living in these crazy houses come out of their homes when the site closes?

I’m not asking for the moon

A dream a little crazy, utopian even but which became a beautiful reality: the realization of a film “J’demande pas à la lune, juste quelques étoiles”. A hell of an adventure that tells of the quest for meaning, the renewal of oneself and its reconstruction for a better life made of little things. This feature film is the result of an astonishing local mobilization, meetings and volunteer work. To be discovered at the Poète ferrailleur.

A dream never arrives alone, our poet houses a restaurant “Au Resto Des Prés, et ses Herbes Folles” with local and organic products. A café and books, a vegetable garden… The universe seems to have no limits.

Cirque Poulailler du Poète ferrailleurCirque Poulailler du Poète ferrailleur


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