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DamenoraThe Bewitched


Damenora knows how to breathe magic into her tales like no one else. Mysterious and mischievous, she bewitches her audience from the very first second. A pinch of mystery, a speck of mischief, a handful of darkness, all the ingredients are gathered so that the potion which Damenora will make you drink, will transport you into her fertile imagination. Sometimes sweet, sometimes threatening, she plays with our fears with malice. Damenora’s stories may not be suitable for all ears, but the vast number of tales she possesses will keep you enchanted for hours.

And magician of words

Have your senses on alert because Damenora will only begin her storytelling on this condition. Her tales are populated with animals, witches, fairies, korrigan and the legendary forest of King Arthur, Lancelot and the fairy Vivian will come to life before your eyes. Her stories are told with finesse, accuracy and the atmosphere is instantly impregnated with her words. The real world will no longer have a hold on you. Your emotions will sail from laughter to tears and you will feel the enchantment of Broceliande as you listen to her tales

Practical information

  • member of the Broceliande Guides brotherhood and the Broceliande guild
  • storyteller since the beginning of time
    • balad or evening tales upon request
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    Créatures imaginaires en forêt de BrocéliandeMichel Jamoneau Créatures imaginaires en forêt de Brocéliande


    E-mail: damenora-conteuse@orange.fr
    Tel: 06 31 18 93 25 / 02 97 74 59 40