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Legende de BroceliandeGuillaume Le Devendec

A “korriganesque” storyteller

Guillaume is more than a storyteller guide of the Arthurian legend, he is a show-man and his stage is the forest. He makes tales and popular legends his own and always delivers them with a touch of humor. A true comedian at heart, from the very first moments he will put a smile on your face that will stay with you all day. If you have a sense of humor and a lot of self-mockery, his facetious and joking side is likely to hit the nail on the head and should place him at the top of your Broceliande memories.

Not your average tour

This storyteller guide has been surveying the forest for several years now and all means of transportation suits him. One day riding his electric bike, the next day in his friend Fabien’s carriage, he knows all the nooks and crannies of the forest and his love for the forest is infectious. So don’t wait any longer and run to book a storytelling ride.

Practical information

  • member of the brotherhood of the Guides of Broceliande
  • Storyteller guide for 10 years
  • storytelling tour on foot, in a carriage or on an electric bike for a day or half-day
  • customized programs
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