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Petits PasJessica Moulinet

Nature guide

Within the forests, by the sea or rivers, she takes the public on her “Petits Pas” to the discovery of the natural and cultural heritage using games, tales and songs… Bringing to life the wonder of young and old in the observation of living, of this generous nature that welcomes us in all benevolence. Petits Pas is in line with the messengers of Mother Nature and works to raise awareness of the richness and fragility of our heritage in order to transmit this message to future generations.

Storyteller guide

And the tale is there, always nestled within it, the activity is a pretext for storytelling … Telling the birds, flowers, stars … Telling the love of the Sun, the Sea and the Earth… Telling to transmit the secrets of Nature…
She draws her inspiration from the spirituality of all the peoples of the forest, making sure to vibrate to the rhythm of the Celtic tradition from which she comes. She tells stories to transmit the love of this marvelous Nature which surrounds us.
To go on the paths with Petits Pas, is to dare to live a unique experience in the hollow of our roots, it is also to spend an excellent moment punctuated with laughter and poetry.

Practical information

  • member of the Brotherhood of the Guides of Broceliande
  • Storyteller guide for over 10 years
  • nature guide
  • customized programs
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