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Charte Ambassadors in Destination Brocéliande

Article 1: Who are the ambassadors

Ambassadors are volunteer people living in Destination Broceliande and wishing to show it as they see it, as they live it.

Ambassadors are people of legal age, motivated, sociable, who like human contact and are available at least ½ day per month.

Volunteers are not required to speak a foreign language but this is a plus for meeting foreign tourists. They can be alone or accompanied by a person of their choice for the tour.

The ambassador is not a professional guide, he or she accompanies visitors to places that are important to him or her. He shares his knowledge and introduces visitors to one of the places of Destination Broceliande in a friendly and authentic way without this visit being a guided tour.

The themes of the stroll are diverse and can concern art, nature, culture, etc. They are supports to the meeting but it is above all the human experience and the cultural exchange that are important and remain the basis of the meeting.


Article 2: Who are the visitors?

Destination Broceliande’s ambassadors are aimed at all audiences, whether they are families, groups of friends, couples, single people on a tourist or business trip.

The number of people on an Ambassador ride cannot exceed 6 people. Any group of youth under the age of 18 will need to be accompanied by someone over the age of 18.


Article 3: The meeting between visitors and ambassadors

To meet an ambassador, visitors must:
1- Contact the referring tourist office at least 72 hours before the desired date.
2- Specify the composition of the group
3- Define what they wish to discover on Destination Broceliande
4- Give the dates of availability

N.B.: A questionnaire is available to visitors to best prepare their meeting.


Article 4: The Stroll

The stroll must in no way be a guided tour of one of the Destination Brocéliande communes. The visit themes are only supports, the important thing is the exchange and the human experience.

Each visit is unique and varies according to the visitor’s request, the ambassador’s knowledge but also other criteria such as the weather, the relationship that is created between the visitor and the ambassador etc.

The ambassadors, in their capacity as volunteers, undertake not to substitute themselves for the work of tour guides, independent guide-interpreters and thus enter into competition with professionals in the sector.


The conditions of the tour:
. The meeting lasts about 2 hours but can be modified if the 2 parties agree.
. If expenses are incurred, each person pays for their personal expenses.
. The ambassador has no obligation to pay for the visitor(s) and vice versa.
. The visitor(s) are made aware of the rules of the game and agree to abide by them.
. In the event of significant unjustified lateness, lack of respect, lack of interest in the ride, etc. the ambassador is released from his/her commitment to visit.
. The meeting is completely free of charge, the ambassador should not accept any tips or retribution.
. Car trips are not covered by the insurance of the tourist offices and Destination Brocéliande.


Article 5: Responsibilities

The visitor(s) acknowledge that they are aware that the meeting is free.

During these meetings, the tourist offices, Destination Brocéliande and the volunteer ambassador disclaim all responsibility.

Car trips are not covered by the insurance of the tourist offices and Destination Brocéliande.

In the event of last-minute unavailability, independent of the ambassador’s will, the visitor(s) cannot engage the responsibility of the staff of the tourist offices and Destination Brocéliande, nor that of the ambassador.

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