Malestroit centre villeMalestroit centre ville
©Emmanuel Berthier

Jean Ambassador around Malestroit

Portrait of John

John’s blue eyes sparkle and every end of his sentences is punctuated by a joyful laugh.

Born in Yorkshire, northern England, after studying in Germany and Strasbourg, Jean became a German teacher.

In 2003, a vacation in Malestroit changed her destiny. She came to live there permanently with her husband on the banks of the Oust canal, near the mill.

For 9 years she welcomed, in her large house, 2000 tourists from 43 different countries. In 2014, victim of the floods, she had to leave her house for 3 months, the considerable damage led her to decide to stop her activity of Bed&Breakfast.

President of Malestroit Initiative, she responds favorably to the invitation to be greeters. She loves to help people.

She loves to promote the heritage, her city, the shops. She tells the story of the Oust canal, built by Napoleon, or the story of the Dame Blanche, heroine of Paul Feval, or she talks about the big market on the medieval square where men take Ricard while chatting while women shop…

Text and photos © Eve Morcrette

To meet Jean, contact:

Malestroit reception
6 place du Bouffay – 56140 MALESTROIT
✆ 02 97 75 45 35