Abbaye Saint MéenAbbaye Saint Méen

Michel Ambassador around St Méen - Montauban

Portrait of Michel

Michel was born in the Trégor, a few kilometers from the sea, in Breton Brittany. His farmer grandparents only spoke Breton, his father was a sailor. The opportunities to speak Breton have become exceptional, nobody knows the language anymore.

When he was first posted as a history-geography teacher, Michel was transferred to Seine-Maritime, then to Saint Méen-le-Grand, where he adapted so well that he quickly became a true Mévennes. The links with the Trégor, the roots of his childhood, have become more distant over time.

In 2012 he published“History of Saint Méen and its inhabitants”, the account ofthe origin of the town according to 11th century writings and municipal or departmental archives, published by Yellow Concept. His book of poems, “Yesterday and Today“, published on a self-publishing basis, is quite successful.

Michel likes to pass on, to help people discover his town, to detail the abbey church, to spot a pediment, an architectural detail, dates… to include the little story in the big story.

Text and photos © Eve Morcrette

To meet Michel, contact:

Office de tourisme du Pays de Saint-Méen Montauban
5 rue de Gaël – 35290 SAINT-MEEN-LE-GRAND
✆ 02 99 09 58 04