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Paul Ambassador in Saint Abraham

Portrait of Paul

Born in Plumelec Paul, ex-teacher, animator and trainer in the primary school, has lived for 37 years in Saint-Abraham.

Becoming a true Abrahamese, he has studied the history of his village in the archives of Vannes. On 150 pages he traces its history, a memory he would like to share with visitors. It’s quite surprising to learn that the existence of Saint-Abraham only appears in the archives from 1453, as if there had been no village before that date.

Every month, a small portion of his diligently done research is published in the local newspaper, with the intense desire for the continuation of a transmission.

Paul points out that one does not come to Saint-Abraham by chance, the town is not on any major road.

The sweetness of life in Saint-Abraham is evident there, he says.

Three superb 15th-century altarpieces can be seen in the church, including The Stoning of St. Stephen, the parish’s patron saint. The keys are to be picked up from residents near the building.

Text and photos © Eve Morcrette

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