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Sylvie Ambassador around La Gacilly

Sylvie’s portrait

Walking with her girlfriends, strolling through parks and gardens, practicing gym, and surfing…on the internet, Sylvie embellishes her daily life. Attached to her local activities and a “good circle of friends”, she is also an expert traveler, who punctuates her year with one or two long-distance trips.

The secret of her relaxation and balance undoubtedly lies in the “simple pleasures” that she allows herself and that she likes to share. It is therefore quite natural that this native of La Gacilly accompanies you to “what she knows well”.

By wandering voluntarily in the streets of the city, Sylvie favors “the small corners” full of charm. She tells the heritage and life of the town, recalling its intimacy with nature.

Text Annick André and photos © Eve Morcrette

To meet Sylvie, contact:

Accueil de la Gacilly
Le Bout du Pont – 56200 LA GACILLY
✆ 02 99 08 21 75