The development strategy

Our mission is to develop the territory and promote the economic benefits of tourism! You are at the heart of Destination Brocéliande’s integrated development strategy. Discover its principles and objectives here.

Within the framework of the partnership with the Brittany Region, the destination has put in place an integrated five-year tourism development strategy. This strategy aims to coordinate the strategies of local actors (public and private) to maximize efficiency and integrate existing strategies and cross-cutting actions that benefit the entire territory.

Destination Brocéliande has been able to define this shared strategy with all the actors concerned: elected officials, technicians from the local authorities and tourism and private tourism professionals.

Starting from the key elements of our identity:

  • A forest, cradle of tales and legends
  • A nature-based tourism, inland, notably with the Nantes to Brest Canal
  • A historical and cultural heritage transcending the ages
  • A tradition of imagination, deeply rooted
  • A genuine, warm, friendly welcome

Cross-referencing with the following findings:

  • A lack of linkage between the various offerings of the territory
  • A promise linked to the imagination sometimes out of step with reality

We have identified 3 priority issues for tourism development:

  • Revolutionizing tourism governance through a single legal structure
  • Staging and embodying the tourism promise throughout the territory and across all its components
  • To become a strong and proactive tourism destination for customers

Thus, the ambition of this strategy is to make Destination Broceliande a leading destination of the imagination, unavoidable on a national scale. We want to invite to live the territory from yesterday to today, through experiences to be lived proposed by “imaginary universes.”

3 objectives have been given for this strategy:

    • Increase tourist visitation by 10%
    • .

    • Increase induced economic benefits by 10% for the entire tourism industry
    • Enable the creation of 5% more jobs
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To meet our ambition, the strategy deploys actions that aim to develop sustainable tourism, place the visitor at the center of the actions, work transversally, make the whole value chain benefit. Some examples of actions that are essential to the development of Destination Brocéliande:

  • The creation and implementation of Imaginary Universes to link the territory’s offerings and make the Destination known by its contours, as much as by its riches
  • Mobility and itinerancy: fostering access to the territory and outreach within the destination
  • Support for the qualification and upgrading of professionals: consolidating and networking the tourism offer around technical sectors
  • The creation of tourism products and their marketing: developing a marketing mix adapted to the destination’s promise
  • The development of sustainable tourism preserving our natural heritage

In order to clarify the elements of the strategy you can consult: