Contes sous les chênes au Château de ComperConteurs ©emmanuel Berthier
©Emmanuel Berthier

Our storytellers The message carriers of Broceliande

To discover all the treasures of the forest, you will need good shoes and more than one day! We also advise you to be well accompanied, not only to avoid the traps of the korrigans but especially in order to enter the fairy world of Broceliande. For that, our storytellers will guide you between legend and reality, sometimes to the point of not knowing where one begins and the other ends. And then, in the blink of an eye, the tears of thousands of korrigans turn into streams and the blood of fairies gives its purple colour to the forest floor. If this is not magic then what is?

Find here the list of the storytellers of Broceliande, these guardians of knowledge pass on the stories which will transport you towards the imaginary universe of the forest.

Our storytellers