Le Festival Photo de La Gacilly

Exhibition, Festival, Photography, Cultural in La Gacilly
Affiche FP©Festival Photo
FP2023-202305111445_JM60341---JMNIRON (2) - Copie©Jean-Michel Niron
FP2023-202310015509------DSCF1209--MSEG (1) - Copie©Michel Ségalou
FP2022-202205031031_JM67007---JMNIRON©Jean-Michel Niron
FP2022-202206011522_JM68978---JMNIRON©Jean-Michel Niron
FP2021-202107011515_JM61034---JMNIRON©Jean-Michel Niron
FP2021-202106191750_JM69874---JMNIRON©Jean-Michel Niron
FP2021-202106191750_JM69875---JMNIRON©Jean-Michel Niron
FP2021-202106091526_JM69334-Panorama---JMNIRON©Jean-Michel Niron
FP2021-202106191755_JM69892---JMNIRON©Jean-Michel Niron
FPLG20_®Jean-Michel_Niron_photo02©Jean-Michel Niron
FPLG20_®Jean-Michel_Niron_photo04©Jean-Michel Niron
FPLG20_®Jean-Michel_Niron_photo05©Jean-Michel Niron
FPLG20--Jean-Michel-Niron-photo01-2©Jean-Michel Niron
  • Whether the shots are in black and white or in colour, green is always a major player at the Peuples & Nature Photo Festival in La Gacilly. Focusing specifically on the environment, this is an arts event that fully intends to become part of the landscape.
  • Spoken languages
    • English
  • Services
    • Disabled facilities and reception
    • Animals accepted
  • Rates
  • Free
  • From June 21, 2024 until November 3, 2024