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European Ecolabel

The European Ecolabel is a reliable and official label created in 1992 by the European Commission, which pushes for the development and promotion of products that are more environmentally and health friendly.


The European Ecolabel is a reliable and official label that covers about 30 product categories: detergents, paper, paint, rinse-off cosmetics, tourist accommodations…

This label therefore aims to: “promote the marketing and use of products with a lower environmental impact” and “better inform consumers of the impact that products have on the environment.”

In France, the Ministry of the Environment has entrusted ADEME with the support of the French European Ecolabel policy, and AFNOR Certification with its issuance.

To help tourist accommodations in their efforts to obtain the European Ecolabel, ADEME has developed an online tool: the Ecolabel ToolBox.

Thus, these tourist accommodations must meet the requirements of the standard for their category.

Tourist accommodations are evaluated in particular on these characteristics:

  • General management: environmental management, staff training, customer information, maintenance of appliances and heating devices, consumption monitoring
  • Energy consumption reduction: renewable electricity procurement, heating, lighting
  • Reducing water consumption: sanitation, laundry cleaning
  • Reduction and sorting of waste and wastewater
  • Other criteria: promotion of ecological transportation, information on the European Ecolabel; etc.

On Destination Broceliande, many tourist accommodations are holders of the ecolabel.
Just recently, it is the lodging of stage and groups “Les Berges de Launay” which obtained the renewal of this approval.
Or the Yves Rocher Eco-Hotel Spa, La Grée des Landes which is also strongly involved in an ecological approach.