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The valley of the Aff And in the middle flows a river

The Valley of the aff

The place is incised, cut off from the world, which gives it a mysterious, timeless atmosphere in the mythical Forest of Broceliande. To walk the paths of the valley is to walk in the footsteps of Lancelot and Guinevere to follow their forbidden love.

It flows

The Aff Valley takes its name from the river that runs through it. A watercourse that, since its source flows through the purple schist of the soils. A real bubble of calm where it is good to get lost in the abundance of vegetation and dip the tip of a toe in the transparent water.

Beware during the walk, in its setting the valley hides European otters, garter snakes and prankster korrigans.

An extraordinary garden

In this small corner of the forest, where the Aff escapes, an unusual jewel is hidden among the tall trees. It is a garden, a chlorophyll paradise, which takes its name from its location: Le Jardin des Affolettes. This palace of flowers and plants is the work of a man, the work of a life, the work of one who is nicknamed the hermit. Just stroll through it and in no time the place becomes a haven of peace for everyone.

The secret of the valley

The secret that hasn’t really been a secret for two centuries begins its legend at the bottom of the valley, more precisely at the Secret Bridge. It is said that it was here that Lancelot, valiant knight of King Arthur and Guinevere, lady of the latter exchanged their first kiss. It is also claimed that after this kiss, Lancelot led Guinevere to the Slippery Rock, that they lay down … the forest then became silent, the Aff froze and the wind stopped. Simple legend or true story, the mystery remains as the origin of the name “Aff”. It refers to its Breton root, but is it “avon” which means “river” or “aff” which means “kiss”?

To learn all about the worst kept secret of Broceliande and to tame the Valley of the Aff, you just have to take the Lancelot’s walk with its educational panels (to be set up in June 2019).


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