Feerie Broceliande GattusoFeerie Broceliande Gattuso
©Christophe Gattuso

The imaginary creatures Sometimes terrifying but often benevolent

Broceliande would not be as magical without all the creatures that inhabit it. Prankster Korrigans, capricious fairies, terrifying dragons and frightening giants are never far away and have always lived in harmony in these places.

The protectors of the forest

Invisible to our eyes, these imaginary creatures watch over and observe the walkers. The forest is their territory and they know every corner and every story. Besides, in the forest, one must always be careful where one puts one’s foot because the most dizzy ones could well leave some feathers. But don’t worry, the people of the forest let you glimpse the fairy tale of Broceliande for those who have kept their childlike soul. And what better way to immerse yourself in this imaginary world than with a storytelling walk and avoid the traps that a Korrigan could have left in the middle of a path.

Keeping the harmony

Nevertheless, the arrival of Men forced this people to take refuge in the depths of burrows and streams or even to move away from this forest. So all the lovers of this green nature must be warned so that this harmony lasts and that the little people keep their place and that the imagination lasts. And if you wish to pierce the mystery of the fairy mirror, call upon the guardians of the legend, but we have warned you… you are not safe from a spell.