Famille au lac de TrémelinFamille au lac de Trémelin par Emmanuel Berthier
©Emmanuel Berthier

TOP 10 activities to do with your family!

To spend a family vacation at the TOP, we give you the 10 must-do activities of Destination Brocéliande. Promised, there is something for everyone!

TOP 10 activities to do with your family

1. The Gardens of Broceliande in Bréal-sous-Montfort

Let’s go for a sensory day! First, make your toes rediscover forgotten sensations by walking barefoot on nearly 45 different materials. It will then be your ears to be put to the test with “Ecoute voir”, which gives voice to the legends of Broceliande. Finally, you are guaranteed memories sprinkled with laughter when you test “Activate your senses”, this tumultuous course to be done blindfolded.

After so much excitement, you will have earned a stroll between the themed gardensand the 1001 varieties of flowers that make up this magical place.


2. Unusual Lizio

First, walk through the doors of the Insectarium, where you will feel very big! There you will discover the fascinating world of the tiny, its colorful richness, its diversity, its strange functioning.

Then head to the Dream Factoryof Robert Coudray! “Recoverer by fascination, sculptor by passion and awakener by mission,” he has been shaping a world in his own image for over 20 years. Recapture your children’s soul by bringing sculptures and automates to life and leave with a smile that won’t leave you for the day!

End your journey into the unusual with Aventury Forest Escapegame and let yourself be swept away by an original scenario in which you will be the hero. An outdoor game mixing riddles, geocaching and life-size role-playing. A real timeless adventure to share with your family.


3. The Center of the Arthurian Imagination in Concoret

In order to be truly unaware of the legends of Arthur and his faithful knights, we head to the Château de Comper! Built by the father of Viviane (the Lady of the Lake) and housing a crystal palace invisible to the naked eye created for her by Merlin, this lofty place has today become the temple of the legends of the Table Round with the installation within its walls of the Center of the Arthurian Imagination.

Art exhibits and set designs, workshops, lectures, storytelling walks, animations and shows rich in emotion follow one another to bring these mythical heroes and creatures to life and thus make you forget the border between stories and history.

Opening from Saturday, May 22. From May to the end of June, Saturdays and Sundays from 1 to 6 pm. From July every day.


4. Monteneuf

First stop: the menhirs of Monteneuf. Wander around these 420 imposing stone blocks and try to discover their secrets. Touch them, observe them, listen to them, they have things to tell you! And for the most curious among you, guided tours, neolithic house and workshops will satisfy you. Cap’ to make a fire without matches or move a menhir?

Don’t leave Monteneuf so soon! Rend up at the Peeping Tom Inn!With family or friends,play and remake the world! On the shelves, on the tables, lining the garden, there are over 800 games from the 4 corners of the world that will color your day. Inside or outside, games of skill or reflection await you. So many good reasons to gather around and smile. Plus, animators are there to guide you and explain the rules, if needed!


5. The world farm in Carentoir

What is your favorite: dromedary, yak, watussi, alpacas? Take the time to observe them in their wide open spaces through a walk, a little train or a pedal go-kart ride at La ferme du monde.

Not far from the farmhouse, also discover the insect village, the play area, the children’s farm, a large aviary and the ranch where you can take a free pony ride! Or challenge the weather with your family on the brand new game course “Mynos Odyssey.”


6. The Lake of Trémelin in Iffendic

We’ve unearthed the perfect green spot for you:Lake Trémelin.There you can both bubble along the water’s edge and fill up on refreshing sensations. Pedalos, boats, canoeing, beach and swimming, fishing, tree runs, rando tours on foot, horseback … (and much more) are just waiting for you! Frankly, what more could you ask for?


8. Merlin’s hiding place

If Merlin didn’t appear behind a tree in the forest, it might be because he likes to hide! For the younger ones who would like to meet the Enchanter, all they have to do is close their eyes and click their heels three times.

So to discover the secrets of the forest with your family, head to Merlin’s Hideout! A one-hour show tour in one of the oldest longhouses in the village of Tréhorenteuc with a puppet show in the little theater of the forest, tales and legends of the Val sans Retour, magic and riddles. Perfect for little dreamers and apprentice wizards.



8. The Nantes to Brest Canal

For a bucolic stroll along the water, we give you our good plan: the Canal de Nantes à Brest. On foot, by bike or on the water, simply follow the wave and wander from locks to picturesque villages for a change of scenery and to get drunk in the heart of history and nature.

After discovering Josselin and Malestroit in length, breadth, and depth, it’s up to you! Boats, electric motor boats and canoes allow you to cast off in peace, while the towpath offers comfortable routes for walkers and cyclists. Finally, for those who prefer still travel, you can also put your seats and fishing rods down in the shade of hundred-year-old trees.


9. The Door of Secrets at Paimpont

No doubt, the entrance to Broceliande is indeed in Paimpont. All you have to do is push the Door of Secretsand follow Pierre, the forest ranger, for 55 minutes of pure wonder.

A scenography as we like them, mixing emotion and humor, to get to know the forest and its legends. And after this luminous appetizer, we can’t wait to learn all its secrets!


10. The Médréac Bike-Rail Station

Take a leap back in time in Médréac and embark on a ride through nature on the old Dinan/Dinard railroad. The whole family will be won over! And to continue on the road to authenticity, enter the Bike-Rail Station. Here you will discover the history of the railroad workers thanks to dynamic models and a railway scenography restoring the atmosphere of yesteryear.