Réserve Ornithologique De Careil - vue générale sur la réserve ornithologique
The Careil ornithological reserve The spot for bird watching

The Careil ornithological reserve

In the duck family I would like the mallard? Too late it is already gone but look a little further a grey heron is posted there on the other side of the pond… And there, a whole group of diving ducks !

For sure the domain of Careil is one of the most important breeding sites for this species in the great west. In fact, here it is “THE PLACE TO BE” for over 150 different species of birds thanks to the Departmental Council which has made this site of 96ha, a bird reserve since 1988, or a bit the “village stage” on this migratory corridor.


Once you set out to discover the birds, don’t be surprised. You may come across horses or sheep! And yes, Careil practically maintains itself thanks to an eco-pastoral management. Their presence makes it possible to maintain in an ecological way the meadows which border the pond.

It’s up to you to guess who is the Poitou mulassier horse, the Breton pie noir cow and the highland cattle, the Breton draught horse, the Landes de Bretagne sheep or the ditch goat.

From the parking lot to the first observation post, the path has been laid out over 750m (accessible to people with reduced mobility). To finish the tour of the pond, you will have to take your best pair of boots or shoes out of your backpack!

And for the more adventurous, you can reach the Lac de Trémelin, the vallon de la Chambre au Loup and the domaine de Boutavent by taking the hiking paths.

Keep your eyes peeled… you may stumble upon treasure thanks toGeocaching, a life-size treasure hunting system. A treat for the kids! Other sites in the vicinity host Geocoaching caches, go for a walk towards the Lake of Tremelin, The domain of Boutavent, the valley of the Chambre au Loup, Montfort, Petite Cité de Caractère, Bédée around the feudal motte or in the villages of Saint-Gonlay around the Maison-Ecole.


1988 ? was yesterday, but what was before? This site is very old, it constituted in the Middle Ages with the lac de Trémelin a chain of hydraulic fortifications to protect the château de Boutavent. It was then drained to make way for agriculture until 1960. But many owners and farmers succeeded one another to finally abandon the site because of the poor quality of the land.

In 1988, the land was bought by the Conseil Départemental d’Ille-et-Vilaine to house the ornithological reserve.

The hikes passing through Careil

The animations at the Careil Ornitho Reserve

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