Foret de Brocéliande, automne-hiverForet Automne Hiver, Val sans retour. Tréhorenteuc, Bretagne
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The valley of the Chambre au Loup An air of Canada in the heart of Brocéliande!

The Wolf Room

Experience a special moment with family or friends, far from screens and in the heart of a stunning nature by walking in the valley of the Chambre au Loup, a magical place and with a breathtaking view of the forest of Broceliande.


And yes by golly, we have our own little canyon! Come and get some height… Check out thissteep valley and this barrens and forest landscape!

But where do these purple-colored cliffs come from? They were carved by a collapse due to the faults that appeared in the schist folds and the erosion caused by the river. And this is not nothing, there are some that are still 35 m high. The purple schist, by its purplish color gives the surrounding landscapes and local buildings a particularly colorful appearance. The rocky outcrops are very botanically and zoologically rich, you can see brushes, gorse, broom, lichen

Here is also hidden a Treasure of High Brittany so quickly download the application and go play Geocaching! Find moreover other caches in the surrounding sites (Boutavent, Careil, School-Museum of Saint-Gonlay, Montfort, the unexpected Small City of Character, Bédée, Lake of Trémelin)

You are not tired? Continue your walk by taking the GR37 Tour de Brocéliande to reach the natural and medieval site of Boutavent, other stories are waiting for you there! You’re not too far from the Lac de Trémelin either, a site where every member of the family will find something to enjoy.

A wolf in the valley?

With time to breathe, the eye rests on the rocky ridges, perceiving the profile of a wolf, its mouth raised to the sky… Oral histories report that the last wolf in the region lived in a cave in the cliff. A resident of a hamlet in Boutavent, located near the valley, told us that his mother, born in 1890 had seen a wolf on her way to school in Saint-Péran!

In this fairy atmosphere, the animal may appear to move. Rest assured; this only happens in legend to defend Brittany from possible foreign incursions…


At the end of your day, when the sun is still high, grab your snack and come picnic on top of the cliffs. You will be amazed by the beauty of the landscape and by the purple, gold, purple, green colors…

For early risers, coming in the morning is also a great show…! The mist above the valley invades the forest through the sun’s rays… Mysterious atmosphere guaranteed!

The hikes passing by La Chambre au Loup

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